What North Koreans REALLY think about the Donald Trump

NORTH Koreans have revealed what they really think of US President Donald Trump and his allies during a rare look inside the hermit kingdom.

Aussie Tom Steinfort was given permission to travel to Pyongyang, where he interviewed government officials and locals on the looming military conflict.

Washington and Pyongyang are locked in a dangerous standoff over North Korea’s development of nuclear-tipped missiles capable of hitting the US.

When Steinfort, a reporter on 60 Minutes, asked one resident who he believed the “real enemy” was the man replied: “American Yankees”.

Another in Wonsan — which North Korea has earmarked as a future hotspot for a billion-dollar tourism industry — had a violent message for Trump.

He said: “I say to Donald Trump, ‘Come to me. I will choke you with my H-bombs’.”

One boy who was playing an arcade game was asked if he was dreaming of shooting Americans.

“Americans and Japanese and South Koreans — they are the enemy,” he chillingly replied.

A North Korean government official said most Western people “don’t know the reality of our country”.

“The reality is that we are enjoying a normal, happy life here,” he told Steinfort.

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The official insisted the world had nothing to fear from the DPRK, despite an increasingly volatile war of words between dictator Kim Jong-un and Trump.

“But there is one threat to the world… it is not from DPRK but Donald Trump,” he said.

“We must get rid of this threat — we must get rid of Donald Trump I think.

“Donald Trump is going to turn our skyscrapers to ashes — total destruction of North Korea,” he warned.

Defector Sungju Lee escaped from North Korea aged 16 and is now living in Seoul.

If he returned, he believes he would be publicly executed.

Lee said: “If I go back to North Korea first of all government will torture me and then force me to announce a certain script written by the government.

“Somebody has to tell the truth.

“The government tried to hide the sky with their palm, but they cannot hide everything.”

This comes as fears grow for Kim Jong-un’s health as his missiles have remained silent for 60 days.

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