What is the international oligarchy and Paradise Papers
Finance Max Keiser

Max Keiser – US Economy – Stock Market – investment – Wall Street – Trump

Keiser Report Episode 1152 Max and Stacy discuss the overpriced, and yet worthless, tilting and sinking skyscraper of San Francisco as an analogy for political parties not built into a bedrock of principles but on shaky and shady characters prone to ideological liquefaction as soon as a new political donation comes in. Max also interviews […]

jim rogers
Jim Rogers Stock Market

Jim Rogers discusses global markets: China, commodities, Russia …

Jim Rogers discusses global markets: China, commodities, Russia, Myanmar, North Korea, agriculture The Big Trade Series sits down with Jim Rogers from his home in Singapore for an insightful discussion on global markets. The conversation begins with a discussion on the poem, “Ozymandias” which leads to a discourse on the rise and fall of various […]